1. too many people on the mcgill page are incapable of using google like…there are so many good questions, like rez specific or experience specific questions but…you can’t ask five times a day every little thing that you could easily find on the school website…it’s just leading to the spread of v false information

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    naomi || neutral milk hotel

    I’m watching Naomi, full bloom
    I’m hoping she will soon explode
    into one billion tastes and tunes 
    one billion angels come and hold her down 
    they could hold her down until she shines

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#tbt to last year when I baked Harry a birthday(dae) cake. And then ate it.


    #tbt to last year when I baked Harry a birthday(dae) cake. And then ate it.

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this is literally the best pick up line on a tshirt i’ve ever seen


    this is literally the best pick up line on a tshirt i’ve ever seen

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drinking underage like


    drinking underage like

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    things that are more important to me than they should be:

    eleven year old james potter and his massive crush on minerva mcgonagall that would eventually flower into massive respect for minerva mconagall, but he doesn’t know that yet

    twelve james potter accidentally confessing that his best mate his a werewolf—then trying to oblivate his parents—then calming down when he realizes they won’t care but not resting until the vow secrecy

    thirteen year old james potter naming his new racing broom—a reward for getting on the quidditch team—after one of the ladies from sirius’s dirty muggle magazine

    fourteen year old james potter working through complex, dangerous, advanced magic and learning how to turn his body into animal to help his best mate

    fifteen year old james potter james potter and his quidditch talent and his quidditch ‘routines’ that were definitely not superstitions and his always-shined captain’s badge

    sixteen year old james potter doodling the initials of the girl he fancies on the corner of every parchment and scratching them out because it’s such a ponce thing to do

    seventeen year old james potter being the only one shocked at his head boy appointment and not at all shocked when lily asks him out

    eighteen year old james potter being a noble bastard and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do

    nineteen year old james potter fighting in a war and being a husband and riding on the back of his best mate’s motorbike and freaking out because he is going to be a father, but accepting the responsibility, even though it scares him to death

    twenty year old james potter learning how to become a dad and not realizing that you could love something so little so much

    twenty-one year old james potter never doubting his friends, any of them, even for a moment